Helping People Enjoy Luxury Vacations

June 15, 2022

One of the hottest new trends for operating a home business is the travel industry and for those not into making reservations for other people, they can try hooking up with Coastal Vacations and help people connect with lower prices on every aspect of their own vacation planning. Persons can buy future vacation deals that offer discounted prices on many services including vacation trips, motels and meals at fine restaurants. Once they have purchased their level of travel plan, they are free to use these discounts multiple times.

Becoming a director for Coastal Vacations is fairly simple, you can sign up for different levels offering the packages for sale and receive commission on the price of the package purchased. Unfortunately, there have been some directors in the past, who were hungry for sales and profits and may have exaggerated some of the program offerings, giving the company and honest directors a bad name.

Discounts available with Coastal Vacations allow families to share in a more leisurely lifestyle at considerable discounts. Consider many ocean front condos that rent for up to $2,000 a week being available to customers for under $500 a week. Airline travel, car rental and motel reservations can be made at up to 50 percent off the going rate with a membership in Coastal Vacations. As a business owner and director, you also receive special discounts and often be rewarded with free vacation packages as a bonus on your sales.

Essentially, companies that are able to offer such reductions are in partnership with many providers of the services and in order for these providers to receive a steady supply of new business, they work out deals with travel companies, allowing them to offer special rates on their products. While the discounted rate may be considerable, it is better in most cases than having a motel room unoccupied or a beach front home unattended for a week or more.

Additionally, many of the travel companies list with condominium owners or those with timeshare and provide open weeks to their members at reduced prices. For example, if a person owns a timeshare in a beach front home and owns four weeks, they may only plan a two week vacation and instead of allowing the condominium to site empty for those two weeks, they put it on the market through a travel company who will book guests in for them. The cost for those two weeks will generally be considerably cheaper than similar properties on the same beach and except for a security deposit or cleaning fee, the housing is very competitive with luxury accommodations.

In most cases members of a vacation company can also make use of other amenities at the resort in which the condominium is located. Extras such as indoor swimming pools, golf courses and exercise equipment are common in condominium, complexes and the guests are normally allowed to participate in their use. However, it is always wise to verify the rules of temporary occupancy before renting a timeshare unit, to make sure no rules are broken that could be grounds for eviction.